Bo Simic

Digital Product Designer
in Oslo, Norway

Let me tell you a secret

I am not JUST a product designer. Since I was 3 years old I knew when I grow up I’ll draw and just draw. Today I am drawing in every single meaning of that word. Besides product design, I am a full-time mom, painter, professional photographer and fashion designer who own clothing brand Beetle Bo since 2013 and still rolling. I am very passionate about everything I do.

If I am not at work identifying and solving issues or improving the product you won’t be able to reach me easily. I really appreciate my free time and enjoy spending it with my family and friends exploring new exciting things and places.

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, I am currently located in Oslo, Norway.

Team player

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You can tell that I am a little bit selfish because I am not revealing all of my professional info. If you want to find out more I prefer to contact me or you can choose to check my full resume at Behance or Linkedin.

Below are the highlights.

  • REIN.ai - Product Designer

    September 2017 - Present | North Carolina, United States
    As a product designer at the insurtech company REIN.ai I am working closely with product managers, engineers and leadership on designing projects across the entire product lifecycle, organizing and creating design systems and improving the product by identifying the issues. It is hard to believe but insurance is really fun.
  • PrecisionHawk - Product Designer

    September 2016 - September 2017 North Carolina, United States
    When I fell in love with drones... By joining the PrecisionHawk team I took an insight into the beautiful world of drones. I worked closely with product managers, engineers, and leadership on designing projects across the entire product lifecycle. I was a part of the software design team for GIS and GPS systems.
  • S&SAX - Design Professional

    February 2013 - February 2016 | Belgrade, Serbia
    As a design professional in the wholesale textile industry, I had an opportunity to impact on fashion trends and to manage both, digital and print design. I worked directly with leadership, sale managers, and customers which helps me to identify what are the market needs and to improve the business.
  • Trojka.rs - UX/UI Designer

    December 2011 - February 2013 | Belgrade, Serbia
    Web portal Trojka.rs wanted to change their clothes and that was the moment for me to step in. As a UX and UI designer, I redesigned the Trojka.rs desktop app and designed a mobile app with a role in managing and planning future development projects.
  • TUCK - Design Professional

    October 2010 - October 2011 | Belgrade, Serbia
    As a designer at a movie distribution house Tuck, I owned two projects: Movie Festival Cinemania and Lorenzo & Kakalamba. Definitely, my favorite was a project for the famous Belgrade restaurant Lorenzo & Kakalamba because I got the total freedom in creating a product visual image.

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